Welcome to the Student Organization Finance Office's (SOFO) Financial Training for all Student Organizations!

This training is primarily designed for Georgia Tech student organization officers processing transactions with SOFO. Please watch the following videos and take each quiz at the end of the video. You'll be asked a series of questions which you'll be graded on..

NOTE: These videos are hosted on mediaspace.gatech.edu, please make sure you're logged in to get credit for watching the videos and taking the quiz.

Step 1 - Funding & Account Types

To begin the training, watch the video below to learn more about SOFO and the basics of setting up various financial accounts.

Step 2 - Payment Types

Ready to move on to the next section of the training? Great! Watch the following video to learn more about the types of transactions that can be handled within your student organization.

Step 3 - Payment Guidelines

You're almost done - time for the last section! Watch the video below to learn more about the guidelines put into place for payments through your student organization.