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The Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO) provides financial support to ensure the success of Georgia Tech’s student-led organizations.

SOFO serves as the student groups’ on-campus bookkeeper by effectively managing collected dues, fundraising, and expenditures as well as travel planning, expenses, and reimbursements. We support these student organizations by assisting them with their financial management needs.

Our office plays a vital role in financial administration, accounting, and budgeting for over 400 chartered student organizations that all operate on a budget totaling approximately $6 million per year. Our office also works hand in hand with the Student Government Association in the management of bill allocations throughout each fiscal year.

SOFO provides workshop training targeted towards the executive board members of all the student organizations. We also provides advisement and guidance to these student leaders on fiscal responsibility and how to process their budget allocations and organizational purchases in accordance with Georgia Tech and University System of Georgia Board of Regents policies and guidelines.