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How can I make ON-CAMPUS purchases?

Remember to send in an AUTHORIZED SIGNER, as they are the only people who can access your account. Also, you will only be allowed to spend if you have sufficient funds in your student group account.

How can I make OFF-CAMPUS purchases?
  • Independent student groups do NOT have access to the University procurement system. All purchases made off campus must be reimbursed.
  • Affiliated student groups do have access to the University purchasing system. If you need to make purchases off campus, please SEE SOFO FIRST, so we can determine which purchasing method to use.
  • Procurement Card: Each SOFO staff member has a University credit card that can be used if your student group needs to make purchases. After the purchase is made a receipt needs to be given back to the credit card holder as soon as possible.
  • Purchase Order: If the vendor you are paying would like a check, then we can create a purchase order for your student group. Like the procurement form, receipts need to be obtained as soon as possible after the purchase to complete payment.
  • Remember, only AUTHORIZED signers can come in to spend and your student group can only spend if you have sufficient funds in your account
  • Also, when using the P-Card and Purchase Order process, your group may be frozen if receipts are not returned within 7 days of the order
  • Note: Do not spend more than $2,000.00
What does a receipt need to contain in order for me to get reimbursed?
  • In order to get reimbursed for your student group purchases, make sure your receipt contains an ITEMIZED LIST of items purchased and PROOF of that payment.
  • The receipt needs to contain BOTH pieces of information. Bringing in just a proof of purchase (credit card slip) will NOT work alone.
  • If your receipt still says "balance due" this will not work either. The receipt must show that the items were paid for.
  • You must also fill out a reimbursement request form. This form must have an authorized signature.
Should I sign contracts for speakers or performers?

NO!!! Students who sign speaker contracts, offers of intent or any other legal documents may be held personally accountable for payment. ALL contracts involving University money must be signed by the Procurement Service Center. SEE SOFO FIRST!!

How far in advance should I plan?
  • EARLIER is always better! Some funding sources require two readings of your proposal.
  • For travel SOFO recommends starting at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • For specialevents SOFO recommends starting at least 6-8 weeks in advance.
Are there any restrictions on how funds may be spent?

Yes, each funding source has rules and regulations that the SOFO office can help explain to your student group.