Payment by Check Request

1. Submit a SOFO Purchase/Reimbursement Form

2. Attach vendor's invoice that contains:

  • An itemized description of work performed or products purchased
  • Unit price
  • Date of service
  • Payment terms

3. Request payee to visit the Georgia Tech Supplier Registration site in advance to access or create their account.

Payment by Requisition / Workday

  • Any purchase above $2,499 must be submitted through Georgia Tech purchasing department. Your purchase must be requested 3-4 weeks in advance to be processed through GT's requisition system. Do not receive any service or item prior to the Purchase Order being issued.
  • Any equipment purchase that is over $2,999 must go through purchasing and be tagged as Georgia Tech inventory.
  • Any purchase that is over $10,000 made from a non-Georgia Tech contracted vendor must have or will need to go out for a bid.
  • Any purchase over $24,999.99 made from a non-Georgia Tech contracted vendor must have two additional and might go out for a bid, regardless of sole source justification:
          1. Vendor profile form
          2. Sole source justification form
  • Any purchase (any value) when using Georgia Tech trademarks and logos must use an authorized vendor that has an official licensing agreement with Georgia Tech. The list of authorized vendors can be found on the licensing website or contact Aimee Anderson.
  • E-verify certification is needed for all services/purchases/contracts of $2,500 and over. This must be renewed every year

Payment by Procurement Card (PCARD)

The Georgia Tech Procurement Card (Pcard) can be used for any purchases under $2,499.

The Pcard can be used for:

  • Subscriptions
  • Registration
  • Supplies & Materials
  • Food & Catering
  • T-Shirts and Promotional Materials

The Pcard can not be used for:

  • Motor Vehicle Fuel
  • Travel & Lodging
  • Cash Advances
  • Gift Card Purchase

To use a Pcard to make purchases:

  • Make an appointment with the proper SOFO staff member, via email.
  • Make purchase selection via internet in SOFO office or submit vendor's invoice to SOFO staff member.

Reminder: Inform vendor that purchase is for official State of Georgia purposes and should be exempted from state and local sales tax.

Payment by Internal Transfer

Expenses and payments that can be made via Georgia Tech Interdepartmental Transfer with valid Peoplesoft number and Document ID number include:

  • Technique Ads or Blue Print Ads
  • Office of the Arts - Ferst Center Theater
  • Student Center's Room Reservation
  • PCS Printing Services
  • Craft Center
  • Institute or Department Charges or Facility Charges
  • Georgia Tech Parking & Transportation

To request payment by internal transfer:

  • Obtain service contract or invoice from above listed department prior to your event.
  • Submit the service contract to the proper SOFO staff member.
  • SOFO staff will verify organization's fund availability and send the authorization to the requesting department for making the internal transfer.

Reminder: Prepaying the above expenses with personal funds is not recommended.

Payment by Reimbursement

If an organization is making purchase(s) with an invoice total less than $2,500 from their personal funds or paying from their off-campus account, then the Treasurer of your organization must:

  • Approve and submit the Purchase/Reimbursement Form with all of the original store itemized receipts to SOFO.
  • Provide proof of payment: receipt, bank statement, credit card statement, copy of canceled check.

Purchases with an invoice total exceeding $2,499 must be carried out by SOFO. Reimbursement of this amount or greater are not permitted. Please note, if a Georgia Tech employee makes the purchase, they can't be reimbursed for more than $500, without exception. This includes advisors and students.

Awards should  be paid as cash by SOFO. No Gift Card purchased for award will be reimbursed. Gift Card should only be used as Prize for Student Activity, and should be cap at $75 / person.

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within one calendar month of the date of payment issuance.