Registration Procedure

Conference/Competition Registration Fees Payment Process

Follow this procedure for registration:

  1. Make sure you have a budget allocated, or you submitted a bill that has passed the SGA vote
  2. Gather all necessary information/documents for your registration
  3. If you have not yet registered, contact SOFO to set up an appointment to complete your online registration.  If you cannot register for your event online, request an invoice from the event organizer.  Forward the invoice to SOFO to manage the payment of the invoice.
  4. If you have already registered, collect all of the receipts or proof of payment from members (students only) of your organization or club that are attending the event.  Fill out the Expense Reimbursement Form and attach the receipts and necessary documentation (registration form/confirmation of receipt or proof of payment, name of the event/conference and list of attendees, conference flyer, agenda or brochure)
  5. Submit your reimbursement request to the Student Organization Finance Office for payment