Consultant, Coach, or Speaker Payment

Follow this procedure for consultant/coach/speaker payment:

  1. Make sure you have a budget allocated, or you submitted a bill that has passed the SGA vote
  2. Wait until the consultant/coach/speaker has rendered their service
  3. If your consultant/coach/speaker does not have a Georgia Tech vendor number, ask them to fill out the Vendor Profile form at:
  4. Obtain an invoice from your consultant/coach/speaker/  In the case that you have to pay the vendor on the day of the service, submit the invoice to SOFO for payment at least two (2) weeks ahead of the event
  5. Submit an invoice from the vendor to SOFO for payment

NOTE: Consultant or coach or speaker payment will only be processed through SOFO, no reimbursements for payment are permitted.  Honorarium payments are limited to less than $2,500, unless a procurement officer approves the payment request.